Training for change

It has been a slow year for me so far in terms of working as a fitness model.  I have only done one photo shoot so far this year, which was for muscle & fitness so can't really complain about that now can I . It was a dream come true to shoot and work for them and hopefully some more publications will come in the future. 


Adding more size


In May I decided that I really needed to pack some more size on if I was to compete against the guys across the pond. So since then that has been my main focus. Coincidentally  it merged with my move of jobs as a personal trainer at The Third Space in London to work for the legend Nick Mitchell at Ultimate Performance in Mayfair. The move reignited and inspired me to step my training up, how could it not. I was working with one of the most recognised trainers with regards to body transformation in the UK. I was also working along side some of the best trainers in the country who take their own training very seriously. Trust me when I say Ultimate Performance is not a gym to train at unless your pushing yourself to the absolute limit. 

With the guidance from my coach Phil Learney and new boss Nick, I put in place a double session program. Meaning I would be training twice a day on a two day on one day off system.


Grouping Back and Shoulders, Legs, and Chest & Arms together. The morning session was power based and the evening session has been hypertrophy based. Generally I train on average 6 clients a day so I had to try and manage to fit them in around these sessions. Thankfully it worked out great and my day flows naturally now from clients to training back to clients and finally ending the day with my last training session. This sort of intensity requires me to take a lot of supplements with my diet. Some of the key products I use are, Nexgen+ Sports, Krill Oil, Instant Whey Deluxe, Growth Matrix, and Performance Matrix


Results so far


The results so far have been great, I've gained around 8kg (currently 109kg) and am sitting at about 10.5% body fat which needless to say sets me up nicely for when I'm looking to cut for my next shoot.This week I have decided to do a shoot in LA to get my face back out there in the USA, my flights are booked and my diet and training are to be tweaked.It all starts on Monday, so keep tuned in to this blog and I will post my progress, my training program and my diet to give you an insight into how I do what I do to get in shoot condition.

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