A fundamental CHANGE in self perception

As a quick introduction, I work at the University of Bath as the head personal trainer. My position allows me to work and interact with many top level athletes and strength coaches from a variety of sports. I am currently tasked with making the methods that work in top level sport applicable for people who want to achieve great change in body composition. For me, the only thing more rewarding than helping someone see their potential is helping them reach it.  


So here I had a lady who had admitted to having issues with food. She admitted that she was doing heaps of cardio every day, and explained that she wanted to get a lean, muscular physique. She told me that she was inspired by fitness models, that she aspired towards having a great toned back, arms, abs, and legs - I was getting the full story.


Driven by the scales

I'm not one to upload before/after pics usually. I think that those images are often very personal to the client - but I am always happy to share them if they are keen for me to do so. Here is a pic of Julie (on the right) before she started training with me. You'll notice her shoulders are incredibly narrow and her arms are tiny!


Roll on 7 weeks and I am happy to report that Julie is starting to take a much more athletic shape. She's faster, stronger and bigger than ever before. She has added 4lb in weight, and actually looks leaner! 

Obviously adding 4lb in weight is VERY rare for females to do, and this has reached a slight plateau this week - but what you have to bare in mind is that Julie's old routine was totally non condusive to a more toned physique. Two examples of which are:


Now driven by how she feels

My first step was to stop all steady state cardio activity completely. The next was to ensure that Julie had a diet that created a calorie surplus of 200KCAL per day. The scary bit for Julie, who used to be obsessed with weighing herself, was that she was going to put on weight - My job was to make her see that it was a good thing!


Something else to note here is that Julie doesn't actually know what she weighs now, only I do. There is absolutely no need for Julie to knows what she weighs. I told her that she would be able to see a difference, and feel a difference too - and this strategy has proven hugely effective! The mirror doesn't lie!

The after pictures


Although not an obvious comparison with pic 1, it does show that Julie is starting to develop a broader physique. Her back is starting to show some lovely definition! The same can be said for her arms, legs, shoulders and abs. I have programmed Julies training to ensure she gets broader across her upper back - doing this helps make her waist look smaller, even though it has barely changed size.


The best thing about this is that Julie understood the plan, and has executed it perfectly. She is fitter, stonger, faster, and looks healthier than ever before - she trains with intent that will put most people to shame, and she backs it up with great habits at home.


Julie after Picture


Julie will train 4x per week for 30 mins per session until week 8. Details below; 


''Before I began with Chris, my training consisted of eating as little as possible but doing as much cardio as I could. I loved and admired the physiques of fitness models, they looked great and always spoke how great they felt. However I did not, I was weak, my mood was low and I now realised I looked ill. Years of eating problems had finally caught up with me. One Saturday evening when I more or less collapsed into bed at 8pm I realised it was time to make a change. The following week I met Chris and I'm finally on the path to achieving the physique I always wanted and loving every minute of it''.


Julie uses Reflex Instant Whey, Protein Flapjacks and Omega 3 daily as apart of her diet. Over the course of the coming weeks I will keep you updated on Julie's training progress and let you all know how she gets on at the end of her 10 week plan!

Julie Before Picture